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Nancy Lanza’s Funeral Is Held in New Hampshire, ATF Investigates Gun Purchases

1189688ac Photo: Rex/Rex USA

As memorials continued in Newtown, Connecticut on Thursday for the teachers and students killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, a private memorial was held for Nancy Lanza in her hometown of Kingston, New Hampshire. About two dozen family members gathered at the home of Lanza’s brother, James Champion. He refused to be interviewed, saying, “It’s a hard time … It’s a very hard time right now.” The family will “make a determination at a later date and time as to where she will be buried,” according to Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs. On Thursday, ATF agents continued looking into Lanza’s gun purchases, examining records in an East Wind, Connecticut gun shop where she bought the Bushmaster rifle used in the shooting. An ATF spokesperson said they believe that Lanza and her son hadn’t gone target shooting in the past six months.

Nancy Lanza’s Funeral Held, ATF Investigates