New Jersey’s First Pot Clinic Sounds Like Kind of a Bummer

One of the owners of New Jersey’s first medical pot dispensary, which opened Thursday, described the ambiance as “like an upscale doctor’s office,” which is probably the right image to shoot for in a state where just opening the doors was a struggle. Still, it’s awfully dour. Those doors are tinted and guarded by a uniformed security guard, the owners are a former undertaker and a former cop, and as for the clientele, you’d hardly know they were patronizing a legal business, to hear the New York Times tell it: “They skulked in and out like criminals, shoulders hunched, heads down, declining to comment.” The only actual pot smoking going on was the crew illegally toking up in celebration out front, according to the New York Post. “It will give people a chance to, you know, relax,” one of them said. Doesn’t sound very relaxing so far.

New Jersey’s First Pot Clinic: Kind of a Bummer