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Potential New York Serial Killer Caught Hiding Dead Body in Bed

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When police visited the Mount Vernon home of Lucius Crawford to ask him about the 1993 stabbing of a woman in the Bronx, he wasn’t home, but they did discover a dead body, stabbed nineteen times, under his covers. The 60-year-old has since been arrested and also confessed to the Bronx killing, as well as the murder of another woman in Yonkers the same year, NBC New York reports. Crawford previously served thirteen years for attempted murder in the stabbing of a co-worker who wouldn’t date him, and was paroled in 2008, the Journal News notes. Years earlier, in South Carolina, he served seventeen years for stabbing at least seven women, including four in five days, all of whom lived.

Potential New York Serial Killer Hid Body in Bed