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Hillary Clinton Tops Gallup’s Most Admired List for the Seventeenth Time

Photo: PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/GettyImages

With 21 percent of voters mentioning her this year for USA Today/Gallup’s poll, Hillary Clinton is America’s most admired woman for the seventeenth time. She left former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in the dust, as Roosevelt had only made the list a measly thirteen times. The current Secretary of State shares this year’s top three with First Lady Michelle Obama and first lady of television Oprah Winfrey. Meanwhile President Obama is the country’s most admired man (followed by Nelson Mandela and Mitt Romney, respectively). Gallup points out that there were no men from the world of business in the top ten for 2012 but we have high hopes for Warren Buffett next year.

Political Figures Top Gallup’s Most Admired List