Even Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Is Confused by Facebook’s Privacy Settings

Facebook users have always struggled with finding the perfect balance between over-sharing and privacy, a struggle made more difficult by what critics see as the social network’s labyrinthine privacy settings. As evidence of this dilemma, look no further than Randi Zuckerberg herself, the sister of Mark and Facebook’s former marketing director.

After Vox Media’s Callie Schweitzer innocently tweeted a photo that Randi had posted to Facebook (of the Zuckerberg family testing out “Poke,” Facebook’s new Snapchat clone) last night, Randi was perplexed, and accused Schweitzer of doing something “way uncool.” It turns out, though, that the photo was visible to Schweitzer because she’s Facebook friends with another Zuckerberg, who was tagged in the photo. The moral of the story is that the only way to ensure that your private life stays private is to not put it on Facebook.

Randi Zuckerberg Confused by Facebook Privacy