Frank Rich on The Rachel Maddow Show: The Biggest Conservative Racket of All

In his Weekly Standard column this week, Bill Kristol says the conservative movement is “in deep disarray,” and it reminds him of Eric Hoffer’s remark that “[every] great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” “I’m sure he’s right,” New York’s Frank Rich told Rachel Maddow last night. “But he’s being disingenuous, because the biggest racket in my view is the Murdoch racket.” Rich points out that while Fox News benched Karl Rove following the election, he continued writing a weekly column for the Rupert Murdoch–owned Wall Street Journal. “That is a racket,” says Rich. “He uses The Wall Street Journal and Rupert Murdoch enterprises and Fox News when he’s on it to raise money [for super-PACs].” Yet, it’s unlikley that we’ll see Kristol railing against the particular racket, as he also contributes to various Murdoch properties.

Rich: The Biggest Conservative Racket of All