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Balloon Dad Richard Heene Is Absolutely Obsessed With Scratching His Back

Remember Richard “Balloon Dad” Heene, the guy who orchestrated the infamous Balloon Boy hoax of 2009? He’s still weird.

Since being shunned by society, Heene has focused his efforts on developing quirky inventions, the Broward-Palm Beach New Times informs us today. This includes the previously reported Bear Scratch, a piece of wood you mount on your wall and rub up against like a bear. You can find out more about the Bear Scratch in this incredible video:

It’s not the absolute worst idea we’ve ever seen (Kitty Wigs). But Heene’s obsession with back-scratching goes even further, the New Times reports:

When Mayumi and Richard Heene wake up every morning, they jump out of bed, stand facing one another, and give each other giant bear hugs while furiously scratching each other’s backs. They giggle as they demonstrate in their living room.

In the three or four minutes of the day that Heene isn’t scratching his back, he manages his three sons’ heavy metal rock band, Heene Boyz. But, mostly, he’s scratching his back.

Richard Heene Obsessed With Back-Scratching