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Marco Rubio Believes in Science Now

Abraham Lincoln may have figured out how to get the Thirteenth Amendment passed, but that’s nothing compared to Marco Rubio, who only needed about three weeks to solve “one of the great mysteries” of the universe. After being widely chastised for telling GQ last month that he couldn’t say whether or not planet Earth was formed in seven days, as described in the Bible, the Presidential Hopeful™ changed his tune in a talk with Politico this morning:

The gist of Rubio’s answer is that he does, in fact, trust science on this question, and that science and faith in God don’t have to contradict each other. Which is fine, but also a bit different than his original answer. Rubio, of course, has an explanation for the discrepancy:

I wish I would have, you know, given a better answer, a more succinct answer, but, you know, we went from talking about hip hop and then it got pivoted to the Earth. I mean, I’m not a robot, it got me off guard a little bit I guess.”

Hey, we’ve all been there: The topic of hip-hop comes up, and you momentarily forget whether or not you believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible.

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