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Mormon Sen. Michael Crapo Drinks His Vodka By the Shot

U.S. Sen. Michael Crapo, a nominally sober and “squeaky clean” Mormon busted for a DUI on Sunday, is apparently no shrinking violet when it comes to hitting the sauce. According to a police report unearthed by the Washington Post, the Republican senator from Idaho told his arresting officer he’d “consumed several shots of vodka” before setting off in his car and making a left turn on a red light. Crapo “said he drank the vodka hours earlier, and hadn’t had anything to drink since,” but he still blew a blood alcohol level of 0.11.

Fortunately for Crapo, his arrest does not appear to be turning into a scandal. An editorial in the Idaho Statesman, which reported he’d been at a “social gathering” on Saturday night, urged forgiveness: “One mistake does not erase an otherwise honorable career.” Jim Risch, the state’s junior senator, told the AP: “As a friend and colleague, I offer my support and help to him in any way I can.” If he’s going to drink vodka, maybe we can start by introducing the man to tonic water.

Sen. Michael Crapo Drinks His Vodka By the Shot