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Rabbi Who Supports Sex-Abuse Victims Doused With Bleach

Photo: Darek Delmancowicz/EPA/Corbis

Someone threw a glass of what was apparently bleach in the face of a rabbi who has made it his mission to expose sexual assault in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, the day after a prominent member of the community was found guilty of sexual assault. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, who runs a call-in line and website for people to report abuse, told the New York Post and the Times that he knew his assailant, but he didn’t identify the alleged bleach thrower. “He walked up hard to me. He looks me in the face. I saw him holding a glass. I thought it was coffee or something and he throws it in my face,” Rosenberg told the Post. Police “said there appeared to be no connection to the verdict” against Weberman, the Times reported, but Nuchem said he thought it was related. “Everyone is so crazy right now.”

Sex-Abuse Victim Supporter Doused With Bleach