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Guy Who Was Pushed Onto Subway Tracks Was a Hardworking Immigrant

Sunando Sen.

If only the victim of the city’s latest fatal subway-push turned out to be a convicted child molester or something like that. Not that they should just be pushed into trains. But if a cruel, seemingly random twist of fate has to be visited upon somebody, better a child molester than, say, a quiet, hardworking 46-year-old Indian immigrant. Unfortunately, that’s exactly who Sunando Sen was.

He was so gentle and nice. He was such a nice guy. Always happy,” one of Sen’s two roommates, taxi driver MD Khan, tells the Daily News. “It’s unbearable.” 

Seven days a week he worked,” his other roommate, taxi driver Ar Suman adds. “He wanted to be his own boss.”

And he was, briefly. After living in the United States for twenty years, Sen realized his dream when he opened his own copy store on the Upper West Side six months ago.

It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Subway-Push Victim Sounds Like a Nice Guy