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Three Cups of Tea Co-Author David Oliver Relin Committed Suicide

When David Oliver Relin, the journalist best known for co-authoring the famous but controversial Three Cups of Tea along with Greg Mortenson, died on November 15, details about his passing were scarce. But on Sunday the New York Times reported that Relin had taken his own life, confirming with his family that the Oregon-based writer had “suffered from depression.” The cause of death still hasn’t been reported but a police statement is due out later this week. Relin never spoke publicly about the controversy surrounding the memoir about Mortenson, the accuracy of which 60 Minutes questioned in a report that charged portions of the book had been fabricated, along with Mortenson’s reports of his own charity work. Per the Times: “Elizabeth Kaplan, the agent for the book, acknowledged that the relationship between the two men was difficult from the start. Mr. Mortenson, who was traveling to remote areas, could be hard to track down, and Mr. Relin spoke publicly about how Mr. Mortenson should not have been named a co-author.” A federal lawsuit against Mortenson and Relin stemming from that 60 Minutes report was thrown out earlier this year, but is currently under appeal, Outside magazine reports. Relin’s second book, Second Suns: Two Doctors’ Amazing Quest to Restore Sight and Save Lives, is due to be published in February.

Three Cups of Tea Co-Author Committed Suicide