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Tribune Co.’s Post-Bankruptcy Board Is Not Very Newsy

When the Tribune Co. emerges from for years of bankruptcy on Monday, it will be with a new board of directors, mostly Hollywood players who have no experience running newspapers or television stations, the Los Angeles Times reports. “Five of the seven members have ties to the entertainment and media industries, including Hartenstein and Peter Liguori, a former News Corp. executive who is expected to succeed [Eddy] Hartenstein as Tribune CEO in the next few weeks.” There’s also an entertainment attorney, a former Yahoo marketing director, a former Walt Disney executive, and a couple higher-ups from a distressed debt firm. Creditors don’t seem to be bothered by the lack of ink stains in the boardroom. Bloomberg reports: “As part of its emergence from bankruptcy, Tribune Co. also will close on a new $1.1 billion term loan and a $300 million revolving credit line.”

Tribune Co.’s Post-Bankruptcy Board Not Newsy