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Wow, Terrible: Walking Dead Edition

Jared Gurman.
Jared Gurman: The Walking Dumped. Photo: Nassau County Police

Not That Bad: 26-year-old Long Island man Jared Gurman, of Williston Park, is convinced that the zombie outbreak as portrayed in AMC’s The Walking Dead could be caused in real life by some sort of “military mishap.”

A Bit Worse: Gurman’s passionate belief in this possibility led on Sunday night to a heated, extended argument with his girlfriend of three and a half years, who felt that a belief in zombie outbreaks was “ridiculous.” After the two parted ways, the fight continued over text.

Wow, Terrible: When the girlfriend showed up at Gurman’s house late that night to check in on him, he shot her in the back with a rifle. “Gurman initially told police the shooting was accidental but later admitted it was not,” reports NBC New York. The girlfriend is in stable condition.