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Stabbed Bouncer Would Prefer Cops Take Alleged Bomb ‘Hippie’ Seriously

The couple arrested for allegedly possessing explosive powder earlier this week has been called “hippie types” and “well-to-do junkies,” but there’s at least one person who’s not snickering into their sleeve about Aaron Greene, the boyfriend in the pair: That would be the former Max Fish bouncer Greene stabbed with a butcher knife in 2005 after the bouncer confronted him for stealing his dinner, a slice of pizza at the bar. Greene did eight months for the assault and his victim, the anonymous former bouncer who Gothamist tracked down, thinks police aren’t taking him seriously enough this time around. “‘What’s the old saying, if you’re poor, you’re crazy, but if you’re rich you’re eccentric?’ A.H. said. ‘Well, this is like, if you’re a certain color, you’re a terrorist, but if you’re white, you’re a “sportsman,” or outdoorsman, or whatever [Greene] told the Post.’” It was both of those things actually.

Alleged Bomb ‘Hippie’ Once Stabbed a Bouncer