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This Might Be the Best Headline of All Time [Updated]

Perfect. The story itself — about a former Catholic priest in Bridgeport, Connecticut, who had sex in the church with fellow cross-dressers and secretly sold meth — is pretty incredible, too.

Credit for the headline goes to Jack Alcott, the 59-year-old murder-mystery author and Assistant Managing Editor at the Connecticut Post.  “I sort of wrote it on the fly, because I already put in a ten hour day and I wanted to get the hell out of the office,” he tells us.

We asked if he grasped how great it was at the time. “You know, actually I liked it,” he says, “but I thought, frankly, someone would put the kibosh on it, and rewrite it.” But it got through and “everything’s fine, there’s no blowback.”

For what it’s worth, Alcott’s favorite headline of all time is Post’s famous “Headless Body in Topless Bar.

This post was updated after we talked to Jack.

This Might Be the Best Headline of All Time