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Betsy Gotbaum’s Stepson Is Being Very Big About Her Refusal to Back His Campaign

When a member of your family endorses your political opponent, it tends to make things tense around the dinner table, or so we understand. But if it bothers Noah Gotbaum, whose stepmother Betsy Gotbaum is backing State Sen. Daniel Squadron for public advocate instead of him, he’s not letting on. The younger Gotbaum plans to visit that table weekly, right up until the election, he told The New York Times: “Betsy agreed to support an opponent months before I set up my campaign committee and decided to run for public advocate, and she’s a woman of her word. I will see her at Sunday night dinners and also at my victory party.” He’s either being magnanimous or punishing her with weekly awkwardness.

Betsy Gotbaum Won’t Back Stepson’s Campaign