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Bloomberg Announces Super-Tiny Apartments He’ll Never Have to Live In

Photo: Courtesy of New York City Mayor Office

Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to build a bunch of “micro-units” under 400 square feet in Manhattan entered phase two today with the announcement of a winner in the mini-apartment contest. “My Micro NY,” the selected design, will be built in Murray Hill at 335 East 27th Street, the New York Observer reports (complete with a slideshow of the floor plan), with 40 percent of the units reserved as “affordable,” with rent between $940 and $1,800 per month.

We’ve chosen Manhattan because more than three-quarters of its homes are one or two person households,” said Bloomberg. “We already have the population seeking housing for a small number of people, we just don’t have the apartments to house them.”

The New York Times reports that the 55 units will be between 250 and 375 square feet, or way too small for the mayor’s Scrooge McDuck pool of money. But! “The one in the rendering even has an overhead storage space to stash a surfboard”:

Photo: Courtesy of New York City Mayor Office
Bloomberg Announces Super-Tiny Apartment Winner