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Drunk Man Pummeled by Three Hit-and-runs in a Row in Brooklyn

The latest object lesson in keeping your wits about you while drinking comes from the intersection of Nostrand Avenue and Foster Road, in East Flatbush, where three different cars hit a booze-smelling pedestrian early on Sunday, and none stopped. The New York Post’s account of the crashes, which fortunately did not kill the victim, is about as graphic as a driver’s ed training film, and serves the same lesson. First, an SUV mirror clipped the 24-year-old victim’s face, then another car ran him over and took off, then a white van did the same. That third hit is especially heinous because the driver apparently stopped, got out, looked the man over, then got back in the car and left. “The witness said there was a loud popping sound as the second car, which appeared to do the most damage, ran the man down,” the Post reported, in full Red Asphalt mode. Witness Ravi Hunter “said skin on the man’s leg and buttocks was hanging off. ‘His bone was showing, and his flesh was showing,’ he said. ‘It was just like the meat was ripped from his body.’” Hunter reminds us that, “whether he was drinking or not, he shouldn’t be run over like an animal,” which really should be obvious.

Drunk Man Pummeled by Three Hit-and-runs