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Incident Involving Drunk Icelandair Passenger Proves That Duct Tape Really Can Fix Anything

And you thought your holiday seatmate was the worst.

Things got weird aboard a JFK-bound Icelandair flight on Thursday, when a passenger had to be tied up with duct tape and zip ties after having more than a bit too much to drink. A picture of the man thoroughly stuck in his seat began making the rounds on the Internet yesterday, and it really is worth a thousand words. But, in case you’re interested in exactly what happened, here it is: New Yorker Andy Ellwood, who claims he received the photo from a friend who was on the plane, wrote that the guy “drank all of his duty free liquor” and “became unruly,” which meant “trying to choke the woman next to him and screaming the plane was going to crash.” According to an airline spokesman, the angry lush was eventually subdued by crew members and fellow passengers, and was taken to a Queens hospital upon landing. However, the New York Post reports that he won’t be charged anything because witnesses to the incident “wouldn’t come forward to detail the man’s threatening behavior to authorities.” Hey, this kind of thing happens to pretty much everyone around New Year’s, right?

Duct Tape Restrained Drunk Icelandair Passenger