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Eliot Spitzer Quits Unwatched Current TV Show

Photo: NY1

A few weeks ago, Eliot Spitzer expressed a lot of enthusiasm about his secret life as the host of Current TV’s Viewpoint. “Nobody’s watching, but I’m having a great time,” he said before comparing the gig to “having a cocktail party with friends every night.” But now that the network has been sold to Al Jazeera, Spitzer’s crew will have to find another place to hang. On Sunday afternoon, the former governor announced that he’s giving up yet another job:

Mr. Spitzer said he had a “wonderful time” at Current, but emphasized that his relationship was with Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, Current’s co-founders, not with Al Jazeera. “Moving forward, their mission will be different,” he said — more international newscasts, less liberal talk about the news.

Spitzer went on to say that he was “thrilled” to take over Viewpoint when Keith Olbermann was fired from the show last year, though he never saw the work as a long-term thing. “For me, journalism has been more a matter of projecting a particular approach to covering policies, to covering issues. It was a continuation of what I tried to do in government,” he said. Of course, when asked if he is now hoping to return to the political world, Spitzer was coy. “Others presume I have the ambitions,” he said. “Let me leave it at that for now.” In the meantime, you can probably find him over at David Paterson’s place, doing whatever.