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In Japan, Flip Phones Are Still Good for One Thing

And that’s cheating on your wife (or girlfriend, whoever.) The Wall Street Journal reports that a certain model of aging cell — Fujitsu’s F-series — has become known as the “infidelity phone,” thanks to its super-simple privacy settings. While the typical smartphone (and many other flip phones) offer supposed loved ones all kinds of opportunities to get into their sketchy partner’s texts, e-mails, and call records, the classy and discreet F-series boasts “a layer of nearly invisible security” that hides incoming messages from contacts marked “private.” Communications from those private people are noted only by “a subtle change in the color or shape of how the battery sign or antenna bars are displayed.” Ignored calls don’t appear on the log. As one devoted blogger explained, “The key is to give off the impression that you’re not locking your phone at all.” Unfortunately for Japanese philanderers, Fujitsu (which refused to comment on its product’s nickname) is phasing out the phone, which means they’ll soon be forced to make do with the “so-called cheater apps” used by their counterparts abroad. Progress can be so bittersweet.

Flip Phones Are Still Good for One Thing