Greenwich Village Terrorist Suspect Now a New Mommy

The happy parents: Gliedman (l) and Greene (r).

Add “new parents” to the list of things the hippie couple has been called in the last few days. After being arrested on suspicion of terrorism when seven grams of highly explosive HMTD were found in their Greenwich Village apartment over the weekend, New York native Morgan Gliedman’s arraignment was postponed on Monday so she could give birth to baby daughter Melody.

Meanwhile, we learn from the New York Post that father Aaron Greene was previously sentenced to five months in jail after police found empty heroin bags, marijuana, a digital scale with heroin residue and a .223-caliber rifle in his car following a Washington Heights drug bust back in February.

Five days before that incident, sources have now told the Post, Gliedman allegedly took off with a backpack containing the laptop computer, cell phone, wallet, and credit cards belonging to a man she met at Johnny’s Bar — “which she used to make purchases.” It was these alleged credit card purchases that led police to the the couple’s apartment in the first place.

While the 27-year-old new mom has not yet been charged in the theft, she and Greene are still in police custody. Another source has called them “well-to-do junkies, not terrorists” to the Daily Beast, where Michael Daly and Lizzie Crocker write:

Indeed, in the first days of the investigation police reached the tentative conclusion that the explosives and weapons were just part of a drug-fueled, twisted sense of what constitutes cool.”

Greenwich Village Terrorist Suspect Gives Birth