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Seven Things Hillary Clinton Was Saying When She Adjusted Her Glasses

During her daylong testimony to the House and Senate foreign relations committees on the deadly assault in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced pointed questions, provocative allegations, and, from her Democratic allies, lavish praise. Through it all, she routinely touched her eyeglasses to subtly communicate a range of emotions. There were seven distinct variations.

The “Is This Dude for Real?” Adjustment

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The “Ugh, I Wish I Still Had a Concussion” Adjustment

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The “How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You I’m Not Running for President!” Adjustment

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The “I’m So Going to Veto All of Your Bills When I’m President” Adjustment

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The “Listening to You Grandstand Is Fascinating” Adjustment

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The “That’s a Fine Point You Just Made in My Favor” Adjustment

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The “There’s Something on My Lens” Adjustment

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Hillary Clinton Adjusting Her Glasses