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Hillary Clinton Still Recovering From Benghazi Flu Very Real Blood Clot in Her Head [Updated]


Those questioning the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton’s health scare, which happened to occur before she was scheduled to testify on the attack in Libya, have been silenced by medical professionals and their facts. Although Representative Allen West referred to Clinton’s concussion as the “Benghazi flu” and the New York Post called it a “head fake,” doctors later discovered a blood clot between her brain and skull in a follow-up examination. Clinton remains hospitalized in New York, where she’s being treated with blood thinners and some very public support from her allies.

The clot “certainly isn’t the most common thing to happen after a concussion,” explained one doctor, while another said it might have been much worse if it wasn’t discovered as soon as it was: “It can cause a stroke. It can be fatal. It can also lead to seizures; to epilepsy,” a neurosurgeon told CBS

Thanks to you all for sending good thoughts my mom’s way,” tweeted Chelsea Clinton yesterday. “Grateful to all her doctors that she’ll make a full recovery.”

Even so, the brief dread that it could be something worse sent panicky messages ricocheting throughout her enormous network of friends and admirers,” wrote longtime number-one fan Tina Brown at the Daily Beast. “What a disgrace that John Bolton and his goaty Republican ilk accused Her Magnificence of inventing a concussion to get out of testifying at the Benghazi hearings,” she continued with protective zeal. “Bolton is not fit to wipe her floor with his mustache.”

As for the Post, the tabloid has since seen the error of its conspiracy-theorist ways and sort-of called out the “cynics in the media and in Congress” who “sneered” that she was faking it. Hopefully Allen West is ordering one hell of a fruit basket.

Update: Clinton has left the hospital, according to reports from ABC and NBC.

Update II: Or not 

Update III: After a period of confusion, the AP reports that Clinton did indeed leave New York-Presbyterian briefly on Wednesday afternoon, “but officials said she was only having tests done at another location. She was back in the hospital about an hour later.”

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman said Clinton has been “quite active” with the State Department during her ongoing recovery.

Update IV: Clinton was released Wednesday evening and is “eager to get back to the office,” her spokesman said.

Hillary Clinton Recovering From Blood Clot