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Jon Stewart Slams Fox News’s Hypocrisy Over Gore’s Al Jazeera Deal

As the ink still dries on the Current TV-Al Jazeera deal, Fox News has unsurprisingly sounded the alarm on Al Gore’s “anti-American” nature. However, as Jon Stewart pointed out on last night’s Daily Show, somehow they’ve overlooked boss Rupert Murdoch’s twenty-percent stake in Rotana, an Arab station co-owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and accountable for airing Valley of the Wolves, a film in which American soldiers massacre Iraqi civilians and sell their organs to Jews. “Rupert Murdoch profiting from the airing of that type of anti-American propaganda?” says Stewart. Say it ain’t so. Stewart did concede that “Al Jazeera’s Arabic channel has broadcast some very hateful stuff,” and that it’s a subsidiary — along with Al Jazeera English, the news station that will be airing in Current’s place — of the Qatar-based buyer, the Al Jazeera Media Network. Watch Jon Stewart bash hypocrisy in the video below.

Jon Stewart Slams Fox News Al Jazeera Hypocrisy