Larry King Has Noticed That Piers Morgan’s Show Is ‘a Lot About Him’

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 31: Larry King of the television show
Photo: Frederick M. Brown/2012 Getty Images

Larry King has always tried to be diplomatic when asked about Piers Morgan, but today he might have come as close as he’ll ever get to dissing the the loudmouthed Brit who took over his CNN time slot. “He’s very different from me,” King told Huffington Post Live. “I never gave opinions, Piers gives his opinions. The show is a lot about him as much as the guests. I used to make the guest the star of the show.” King quickly added, “I like Piers personally,” and wished CNN “the best of luck,” then undermined that sentiment with a long lament about the state of cable news. “A lot of shows … they make it about the host and the guest becomes a prop to the host and I never liked that,” said King. “It’s not the quality that counts anymore, it’s how loud did you yell, how vituperative can you be.” Morgan responded with an eloquent and thoughtful statement that suggests the TV legend might have misjudged him. Just kidding! He tweeted, “Zzzzzzz.”

Larry King: Piers Morgan Show ‘a Lot About Him’