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Alleged Greenwich Village Bomb Bro Says He Just Likes Big Explosions

The downtown “hippie types” (also described as “well-to-do junkies, not terrorists”) accused of stocking their 9th Street apartment with high-powered explosive powder and firearms are just people of nature, claims the currently incarcerated Aaron Greene. “It was a very small amount of experimental fireworks,” the new father told the New York Post. “I was going to take it out in the country and try it out — just an experiment.” Greene insists he’s “not involved in any political causes,” but is merely “a sportsman, an outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing.” His 27-year-old wife Morgan Gliedman, who gave birth this week while in police custody, is “not involved in this,” he added, in which case she is definitely pissed about his zany hobbies. 

Manhattan Bomb Suspect Says He’s a ‘Sportsman’