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Miss America May Not Will Risk the Cold to Attend Inauguration Tomorrow [Updated]

72855213 Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

Turns out, not everyone is clamoring for a ticket to the official Inauguration ceremony taking place tomorrow. Newly crowned Miss America Mallory Hagan has a ticket but told the AP that she’s “in the middle of deciding if she’ll go.” In all fairness, there are few reasons we’d stand on the Mall in 40-degree weather, but this would very much be one of them — consider this our official request to take that pass off the former Miss Brooklyn’s hands.

UPDATE: At Politico’s “New Leaders” brunch this morning, Miss America said that because it’s going to be about 52 tomorrow, and she’s been graciously gifted a down coat, “I’ll be there with bells on and I’m very excited.” No word on whether the bells were gifted or not.

Miss America May Not Be at Inauguration Tomorrow