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MTA Mulls Forcing People to Stop Standing on the Platform Edge

Though Capital New York notes that sadly, people falling onto the subway tracks isn’t a new trend, New Yorkers are still rattled over recent fatal pushing incidents. The MTA is set to discuss platform safety at its board meeting on Monday, and am New York reports that there’s a new movement to look into installing barriers between the platform and the train. The project would cost millions per station, which the cash-strapped agency definitely doesn’t have, but there may be other solutions. In 2007, the MTA was in talks with Crown Infrastructure Solutions, an architectural and engineering firm, about building barriers at no charge, in return for being able to sell advertising on the screens. Ultimately, the project fell apart, which is why the only thing standing between riders and the rails are the MTA’s recorded request to “please stand away from the platform edge” — for the time being, at least. 

MTA Might Force People to Stop Standing on Edge