Newtown-Area Gun Show Goes On Despite Mayor’s Objections

The East Coast Fine Arms Show has momentarily transformed Stamford, Connecticut — which, in addition to being just 40 miles from Newtown, is the current home of Adam Lanza’s father — into a locus of the national gun debate. Mayor Michael Pavia tried to persuade organizers to cancel the show, which he called “untimely and insensitive.” However, these particular gun-sellers don’t see it that way. “No one shoots up places with antique guns,” said one dealer, who explained that the event was intended for “collectors,” not “shooters.” “If it was a modern gun show, I’d say it was insensitive.” Meanwhile, much of his cohort has decided to avoid the negative attention — at least for now: Four other gun shows set to take place within an hour of Newtown were called off this week.

Newtown-Area Gun Show Goes On