Even NRA Lobbyist Thinks Obama Children Ad Was Over the Line

The National Rifle Association video after Newtown calling President Obama an “elitist hypocrite” because his daughters are protected by guns was atrocious by any standard of human decency, and it only took the professional gun nuts two weeks to realize it. “I don’t think it was particularly helpful, that ad,” Jim Baker, head of the federal affairs division at the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (a.k.a., a lobbyist), admitted to Reuters. “I thought it ill-advised.” He continued, “I think the ad could have made a good point, if it talked about the need for increased school security, without making the point using the president’s children.” So … if it was an entirely different ad then? Just checking. That Wayne LaPierre press conference, on the other hand? Pure gold — play it again.

NRA Lobbyist Thinks Obama Ad Was Over the Line