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Owner of Pizza Goat Accused of Sexually Assaulting Drunk Woman

Cyrus Fakroddin. Photo: Union County Prosecutor’s Office

The man whose pizza-loving goat warmed countless hearts and violated countless city health codes was arrested yesterday and charged with first-degree aggravated sexual assault. Cyrus Fakroddin is accused of taking a “physically and mentally incapacitated” 19-year-old — who had been out partying at a Manhattan nightclub — into his van and bringing her to his house in Summit, New Jersey. When the woman awoke, she couldn’t remember meeting Fakroddin or going to his home and “sought medical attention because she suspected she had been assaulted.” Detectives then “secured physical forensic evidence relating to the case,” according to CBS News.

It’s not known whether Pizza Goat was with Fakroddin at the time of the incident. Last year, Fakroddin claimed that Pizza Goat was “totally a chick magnet.”

Pizza Goat Owner Accused of Sexual Assault