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The Post Is Fighting to Gross You Out Further in ‘Cannibal Cop’ Case

Photo: facebook

We’ve heard some pretty graphic stuff in the case of Gilberto Valle, the alleged “cannibal cop” accused of plotting to murder and eat women, but so far we’ve only heard it, not seen it. However, some new evidence in the case includes photos and illustrations of naked women that look like they’re about to be eaten, and the New York Post immediately started arguing for the images’ release. They include a photo of a naked woman hogtied in a frying pan with an apple in her mouth, another illustration of a woman “making small talk with a man as he boils her in a glass pot,” and a third of a naked woman roasting over a fire on a spit, the New York Times reports. The judge conceded the Post’s request. “In ordering the images released, Judge Gardephe noted that they were not directly linked to Officer Valle, and did ‘not add significantly to the information already in the public record concerning the Web sites in question.’” Rather, they’re just generically disturbing.

The Post Is Fighting to Gross You Out Further