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Small Newspapers Are Dying … to Get on TV

Bill Walsh / Flickr

While big papers with extra office space are offering themselves up as sets for television and movies, smaller papers are vying to be the star of NBC’s upcoming “documentary-style reality show” about the trials and tribulations of a small-town newspaper. And at least one is doing it the same way anybody applying to be on a reality show would: By making music videos. “The Pilot, based in Southern Pines, N.C., sent a video of its staff performing a Call Me Maybe parody, later updated to feature Gangnam Style moves,” The New York Times reports. NBC’s loving that. “We’re looking for a great environment, colorful place, great characters,” vice president Sharon Scott said, and with 150 applicants and counting they’ll surely find it. But based on the extremely short lives of series such as Tabloid Wars, The Paper, and I’m From Rolling Stone, the American public does not love reality shows about journalists. Admittedly, journalism can be pretty boring — but that was before Gangnam Style.