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Subway Pusher Naeem Davis Pleads Not Guilty, Says Victim Threatened to Kill Him

In court today, Naeem Davis pleaded not guilty to murder and manslaughter charges stemming from the death of Queens father Ki-Suk Han last month. Davis told investigators that he shoved Han at the Seventh Avenue and 49th Street subway station, watched as he “rolled like a bowling ball” after landing on the tracks, and “froze” as Han was hit by a train. However, Davis claims Han started their fight, screaming “I’ll kill you” as they bumped into each other at the turnstile. When Han grabbed Davis’s neck on the platform, he lifted him off his feet and pushed. “Mr. Davis wasn’t trying to intentionally hurt Mr. Han. Mr. Davis was trying to get him away from him, to get him off him, to make him go away,” said Davis’s lawyer.

Davis admitted to investigators “I could have walked away,” and in court the judge mused, “the only defense was to push him on the tracks?” Davis told the Post that he was high on weed during the incident, but he didn’t mention his drug use in court. Instead, he offered a new explanation:  He was upset because an acquaintance thew away his Timberland boots two days ago, and his “head wasn’t where it was supposed to be that day.” Davis added that Han “came at the wrong time.”

Subway Pusher Naeem Davis Pleads Not Guilty