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Suspected Co-Op Meth Lab Is a Literal Hell’s Kitchen

Police haven’t said it officially, but they’re pretty sure an apartment in a Hell’s Kitchen building evacuated Monday evening was being used as a meth lab, which is pretty scary, and not just for the onslaught of Breaking Bad puns we can expect from the New York Daily News. Meth labs are not known to be havens of workplace safety, and the volatile chemicals at work in them have a way of exploding all too frequently, which is a problem in a neighborhood as densely packed as Midtown. Also, they’re quite toxic, leaving behind a chemical residue that has been known to kill family pets and endanger humans. The suspect police are questioning is a shareholder at the co-op building. “He owns his apartment,” a tenant told the Daily News. But the neighbors get to share the fumes.

Suspected Meth Lab a Literal Hell’s Kitchen