Anthony Weiner Might Be Making His Political Comeback Even More Difficult

Photo: Alex Wong/2011 Getty Images

Accidentally sharing crotch shots with the public dashed Anthony Weiner’s dream of running for mayor (for now at least), but he’s said to be considering a run for a lesser citywide office. Previously, sources suggested he had his eye on public advocate, but it seems he might be going for city comptroller instead. “At least two politically connected individuals in Manhattan” tell the Post that they received calls from a pollster asking about a potential city comptroller race between Weiner and Scott Stringer, the Manhattan Borough president. It’s an odd choice, since Stringer is already favored in the race and Weiner would probably have an easier time running for public advocate. Though, it’s hard to trust the Post on this one, since earlier this month the paper reported incorrectly that Weiner was abandoning politics to work on Wall Street.

Is This Weiner’s Plan for a Political Comeback?