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Chelsea Handler Learns Today Is Still Sensitive About the Ann Curry Thing

AFTER LATELY -- Pictured: Chelsea Handler
Photo: E! Entertainment

Pretty much everyone with access to the Internet made a joke about Al Roker’s high-profile shart last week, but Chelsea Handler found a way to make her quip particularly offensive to her employer. Sources tell the Post that Handler has been admonished by Comcast bosses for saying on her E! show, “This isn’t the first time a Today show cast member was in the news about this sensitive subject. For years it was common knowledge that Matt Lauer spent every morning  [s - - ting] all over Ann Curry.” “Chelsea’s writers were warned to lay off Matt,” says a source. “They don’t want them making more fun of Matt and the Ann Curry situation right now.” So Comcast is worried about people getting a negative impression about one of the Today show anchors, and it isn’t the guy who just admitted to pooping his pants in the White House.

Today Finds Handler’s Curry Quip Offensive