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L.A. Times Subscribers Might As Well Never Leave the House

Via waltarrrrr / Flickr

Part of the reason you put your newspaper subscription on hold when you go on vacation is so that thieves don’t spot the pile of papers on your steps and realize your house would be a good one to break into. But that method worked in reverse for some unlucky subscribers of the Los Angeles Times over the past three years as a not-very-inside man allegedly stole lists of subscribers’ vacation holds that a ring of thieves then used to target their homes for burglary. The Times reports that the employee “serviced machines in the distribution centers that subcontract with The Times to deliver the paper.” The thieves were efficient, too: “In some cases, the burglars found the victims’ cars keys. They then loaded up the vehicles with stolen items and drove off.”

Vacationing L.A. Times Subscribers Burglarized