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Wife of Alleged Cannibal Cop Conspirator Defends ‘Disturbing’ Fetishes

Photo: Myspace

So-called Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle and his Internet friend Michael Van Hise are accused of conspiring to kidnap, rape, and — in Valle’s case — eat multiple women, including a minor. But echoing Valle’s defense, Van Hise’s 22-year-old wife tells the New York Post today that her husband’s talk was just that: twisted fantasies expressed in some strange sort of cybersex, taken out of context. “It’s disturbing, but you’ve got to accept your partner’s flaws in a marriage,” she said. “I’m not perfect. He’s not perfect.” And while Van Hise reportedly admitted to feeling sexual urges toward children, including his 7-year-old niece, “He’s never caught [an erection] while she’s sitting in his lap,” his wife claimed. Van Hise is being held without bail because, according to a judge, “there are no conditions that can reasonably assure the safety of the community.”

Wife of Cannibal Cop Friend Defends Fetishes