‘Cannibal Cop’ Chat Logs: Vegetarian Women ‘Taste Like Tasty Goat’

Photo: facebook

The increasingly bizarre trial of alleged cannibal cop Gilberto Valle is scheduled to begin at the end of the month and already features women-as-food porn and The Mask as evidence. Now the strong-stomached jury might have to watch a “how-to” goat-slaughtering video shared with Valle by one of his Internet co-conspirators, to the displeasure of the defense, which maintains the accused just has an unrealized fetish. According to newly published chat transcripts, when Valle told his e-buddy that his ex-wife is a vegetarian, the guy was disappointed: “OK … then her meat quality will be slightly less,” he said. “She will taste like a tasty goat.” Now we all know, and will never be able to forget.

Alleged ‘Cannibal Cop’ Not Into Vegetarian Women