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Rob Morrison Accused of Cheating With Two Fellow Anchors, May Be Subject of Steamy Novel

Rob Morrison’s mug shot.

The saga of allegedly abusive ex-anchorman Rob Morrison continues to get more salacious with the accusation that he cheated on his wife of ten years with two female colleagues. Sources tell the Daily News that one of the women, WNBC employee Jennifer Rainville, was once Morrison’s fiancée, and she wrote a novel based on their rekindled romance. When Trance of Insignificance was published in 2011, Rainville described it as a “juicy and fun puzzle for those who are in the news business.” “Much of the settings and many of my experiences served as the inspiration,” she told Mediabistro.com.

According to the Post, the main character, Jules, has a romance with an alcoholic, abusive morning news anchor named Jack Culligan. Jules leaves Jack when he cheats on her with a fellow newscaster he later marries. “Jack then has an affair with Jules, and she writes that Jack’s wife would divorce him if not for ‘her damn southern pride,’” the Post reports.

Like the wife in the book, Ashley Morrison is from the South and has one child. The Daily News reports that she started dating her future husband around the same time he dumped Rainville. However, Rainville told Mediabistro that “the characters are invented. It’s fiction,” and the book ends [spoiler alert] with Jack dying in an earthquake after deciding to leave his wife. When asked to comment, the real Morrison revealed he’s no longer interested in chatting with reporters. “Why would I say anything?” he responded, adding, “So unless you want to talk about the Bruins or the Grateful Dead, I’m done bro.”

Anchorman Cheated, May Be Subject of Sexy Novel