hurricane sandy

Bellevue Hospital Has Completed Its Sandy Recovery

After more than three months recovering from Hurricane Sandy’s floods, the oldest public hospital in the country is back: “It has now resumed its status as a Level 1 trauma center and opened all 828 inpatient beds,” the New York Times reports. The storm flooded the hospital’s basement and shorted out lots of key electrical gear, which the hospital workers then had to move to the first floor. But the work doesn’t stop with the hospital’s reopening, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week: “The East Side hospital is now studying building floodgates or a large inflatable plug for the basement loading docks, said Alan Aviles, the president of the city Health and Hospitals Corp. The hospital is also considering a sea wall, he said.” We’re going to have that Hurricane Sandy aid money spent in no time.

Bellevue Hospital Has Completed Its Recovery