gays in the boy scouts

The Boy Scouts’ Gay-Ban Meeting Is Going to Be a Scene

Boy Scouts of America’s national executive board plans to put the organization-wide ban on gay members and leaders to a vote on Wednesday, the final day of its three-day meeting in Texas, and until that happens, everybody with an opinion is going to try to sway the vote. Rick Perry has already voiced his support on the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay members and leaders. President Obama has made it known that he disagrees. On Monday, a group opposing the ban delivered to the meeting petitions it claims have been signed by 1.4 million people, while an opposing group, Save our Scouts, “plans a prayer vigil in support of the ban for Wednesday morning to coincide with the expected vote,” Reuters reports. Obviously we can’t predict how the vote will go, but with the press cordoned off in a parking lot next to the meeting, it seems safe to predict more stunts for their benefit, from both sides, before Wednesday.

The Boy Scouts’ Meeting Is Going to Be a Scene