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Catsimatidis Wants to Hire Bloomberg to Run a 2014 World’s Fair

Owner of Gristedes supermarkets John Catsimatidis attends the celebration party for Rita Cosby's new book
Photo: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images2007 Getty Images

One of John Catsimatidis’s first mayoral campaign promises is a doozy: He wants the city to land a third world’s fair for 2014, and he wants to hire Mayor Michael Bloomberg to arrange it for him once he’s elected. Bloomerg politely declined through a spokesman: “He appreciates the kind words, but right now his focus remains on the next 330 days as mayor.” But Catsimatidis is pretty sure the current mayor would be up for it. “He’s like me: We want another challenge.” And a world’s fair on such short notice certainly counts.

Catsimatidis Wants a World’s Fair in 2014