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Christie Embraces Letterman’s Fat Jokes, Brings Doughnuts

Chris Christie has declared that his weight is “fair game” for late night comedians, but David Letterman might be abusing the privilege. Christie fat jokes have become a regular feature on the Late Show, so the New Jersey governor came prepared on Monday night with a list of his favorite jabs, and a few doughnuts in his pocket. As Letterman started talking, he pulled one out and took a bite, explaining, “I didn’t know this was going to be this long.” Christie might not have expected Letterman to devote a large portion of the interview to intrusive questions about his size, ranging from the weight of his family members to why he isn’t currently on a diet. Still, the governor played along, quipping, “I’m basically the healthiest fat guy you’ve ever seen in your life.”

Eventually the conversation turned to Hurricane Sandy recovery, which Christie said is “still awful.” He explained that 42,000 families are still homeless, and 80,000 businesses still haven’t reopened. Christie complained about how long it took Congress to pass the Sandy relief bill, adding that he mainly blames John Boehner. While Christie has said that seeing the vote postponed was “disappointing and disgusting to watch,” he told Letterman that when talking with Boehner he was even “less gentle privately than I was publicly.”

When asked about a possible presidential run in 2016, Christie said he’s “nowhere near making that decision,” adding that he’s focused on being reelected in 2013. Amazingly, there was no mention of the governor’s passion for Bruce Springsteen, aside from his entrance to “Thunder Road.” Check out Christie’s funniest moments below.

Chris Christie Embraces Fat Jokes on Letterman