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Chris Christie Denies Agreeing With Andrew Cuomo on ‘98 Percent of the Issues’

Chris Christie made it clear at a press conference today that, despite what New York union official Larry Bulman has claimed, he never made the politically devastating observation that he agrees with the very socially liberal Andrew Cuomo “on 98% of the issues.”

What I said was that Governor Cuomo and I were raised in very much the same kind of households. Governor Cuomo was raised by a Sicilian mother and so was I. And so that a lot of our values are the same. I don’t ever remember saying anything like I agree with him 98% of the time because I don’t. So I’m sure I didn’t say that. But what I do remember saying and what I do believe is that Governor Cuomo and I have a lot of the same values in terms of the way we were raised. And that was the conversation I was having with that person, a group of people it was actually, about the similarities between me and Governor Cuomo and our styles. And I think that’s what people were – that’s what they were really talking about, not specific nitty-gritty issues. We were not talking specific issues in that conversation. We were talking about overall approach to the job of Governor.”

So the only issue they agree on for sure is being Sicilian. Got it.

Christie Denies Agreeing With Cuomo ‘98 Percent’