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Dalí Thief, Lured From Greece, to Be Deported After Guilty Plea

Photo: DCPI

Detectives in the case of the Moncler publicist who stole a $150,000 Salvador Dalí painting from an Upper East Side gallery last summer and then mailed it back from Greece used some pretty inspired trickery to lure him back to the United States for prosecution. They created a fake job offer from another gallery and arrested him when he got off the plane. And as a result of their efforts, he’s confessed to the crime and will face … deportation back to Greece. Under his plea, Phivos Lampros Istavrioglou must pay $9,100 in restitution, and stay in jail until his March 12 sentencing hearing, after which he’ll be transferred to the custody of immigration officials. Prosecutors had asked for four months in prison, but Istavrioglou will wind up having done less than a month.

Dalí Thief, Lured From Greece, to Be Deported