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Dick Cheney: The World’s Most Perfect Person

Dick Cheney has confirmed time and again (and again and again) that he has zero regrets about his eight-year tenure as vice-president, a period which, to highlight a couple of prominent examples, included the invasion of a country under false pretenses and the failure to prevent the worst terrorist attack in history. In an upcoming Showtime documentary about his life, Cheney is once again asked to attempt something we humans refer to as “introspection.” He fails.

Q: What’s your favorite virtue?

Cheney: Integrity.

Q: What do you appreciate most in your friends?

Cheney: Honesty.

Q: Your idea of happiness?

Cheney: A day on the south fork of the Snake with a fly rod.

Q: What do you consider your main fault?

Cheney: My main fault. Um … Well, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my faults, I guess would be the answer.

No faults. No regrets. Dick Cheney is simply perfect.

Dick Cheney: No Regrets, No Faults